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The Universal Operating System

Our Vision

Every technology we create is, in fact, a part of a bigger picture. We are crating the operating system of the future: The Universal OS. It will be one operating system for everything from smart homes, mobile and wearable devices, desktops, super computers, to cars, rockets and space stations. We already have a prototype of how the operating system works on a highly dynamic distributed environment. We are Universal Informatics and we are creating the universe of your future.

Ingenium Et Opera Ad Optimum

Our Values

Strive To Better Human Beings

We uphold human values: kindness, love, art, creativity, knowledge, and dare.

End-User At The Center

We server businesses and we strive for their success, by helping them serve the best.

True Data Ownership

We consider privacy as a basic human right. We never sell or share user data.

Perfection, And Then Some

Good enough is not enough. We always go an extra mile to server the best to our clients.

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