App & Web Development


This is a Limited Time Offer — We are offering development service for a limited time only as a way to prove the viability of our technology. We guarantee the lowest prices in the country, and we offer lifetime guarantee for bugs and defects fixes.

If you need any of the following for your business, we can make it happen for you using Universal UI suit of technologies.

  • Web Application
  • iPhone App
  • Android App
  • Mac App
  • PC App
  • Cloud Service with any combination of above as front end

Why having us develop your apps?

  • Lower Prices - Our prices are guaranteed to be lower than competition. That is because Universal UI technology makes it cheaper and easier for us to develop your app.
  • No Porting Cost - Porting your app to multiple platforms comes at almost no cost, thanks to Universal UI’s … well … universality.
  • No Internationalization Cost - Most Universal UI apps can be internationalized at little or no additional cost.

This service is only available to our Indiegogo backers who have purchased the Universal Enterprise Hero perk.

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Training & Consulting

If you are software developer, and you want to bring the industry-leading advantages of Universal UI to your business, we love nothing more than helping you to get started.

  • We train your developers to get started with Universal UI
  • We work alongside your development team throughout the product development process
  • We help managing your development process to assure successful product delivery
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Universal UI Enterprise Edition


Preorder now and get a $250 discount. We are reselling out Enterprise Edition licenses at $500 down from $750 our normal sales price.

For as low as $500 a year you can bring the power of Universal UI to your server applications, and take advantage of our priority support program to assure your product quality. Perks included with the Enterprise Edition include:

  • Play Framework integration for serverside programming
  • Database ORM powered by Universal Serialization
  • 4 hours of free training
  • Priority support
  • Priority processing of your core feature requests

This service is included in Universal Enterprise Pioneer perk to out backers on Indiegogo.

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