Founder’s Profile

Founder's Profile

Hamed K Khandan, Dr. Eng.

K is an engineer based in California. He is a pioneering figure in software engineering, mechatronics, and computational systems science. Notable for his work in Universal UI and Sociomimetic Computing, he specializes in programming languages, parallel computing, and intelligent machine control. Outside work, he’s passionate about space, music, and environmentalism.

As Founder & CEO of Universal Informatics LLC, K leads the development of Universal UI and other technologies, aiming to reduce costs and expand accessibility for software developers. His prior roles include founding Mindscape Inc. and serving in leadership positions at KPMG Ignition Tokyo and Uzabase, where he drove technological innovation and project management.

Hamed’s academic background includes a Doctor of Engineering in Computer Science from Tokyo Institute of Technology, complemented by degrees in Mechatronics Engineering and Computer Software Engineering. With skills in machine learning, C++, research, and compiler design, he continues to advance technology’s frontiers.

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