La Habra Campaign

La Habra Campaign

La Habra Campaign

๐ŸŒŸ Exclusive Offer for La Habra Businesses! ๐ŸŒŸ

Do you have an idea for a new app, or thinking of digitally transform your business?

We are excited to offer this limited-time once-in-a-lifetime deal to our neighbors at La Habra, California.

We will develop a custom app or cloud-based digital transformation solution at an extremely low price.

Hurry up! There are only 5 spots available!


Are rates are flat, transparent, and affordable.

Base Price

  • Mobile App (Android & iPhone*): $10,000 + tax
  • Mobile & Web App (Android, iPhone & Browsers): $15,000 + tax

(* the iPhone version will be provided at no additional cost, but it requires more time to be developed.)

Cloud Server Add-On

If your apps need to be backed by a cloud-based database and business logic, you may need either:

  • Simple Cloud Server (up to 5 tables, no user management): +$5,000 + tax
  • Or, Complex Cloud Server (up to 10 tables, with user management): +$10,000 + tax

Operation Add-On

Publishing, maintaining, and ensuring continuous operation of an app and associated cloud resources can be very complicated. By purchasing our Continuous Operation service, we will handle the entire process on your behalf. What costs well above $1,500 a month elsewhere, with us will cost you either:

  • Monthly: $500 initial fee + $500/month
  • Or, Annually: $5500/year.

Why So Cheap?

As a newly established company and the makers of ground-breaking Universal UI software development technology, we are looking to prove the effectivity of our technology in reducing the costs of software development. Because, being a very small company, we have a very limited capacity in accepting clients, we decided to give back to our local community put businesses in La Habra in priority for adopting this exciting new technology. Again, we have very limited capacity, and that is why there are only 5 spots available. So if you want to take advantaged of this opportunity, you better act right now!

How to Apply?

Fill our contact form, and

  • Mention “La Habra Campaign” in the title.
  • Explain your needs in the Message section
  • Double-check that you have entered your email and phone number correctly so that we can get back to you

Contact Us Now!

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Founder's Profile

Founder's Profile

Hamed K Khandan, Dr. Eng. K is an engineer based in California. He is a pioneering figure in software engineering, โ€ฆ